Where to stay

Families who travel to Iceland have number of options when finding accommodation around the country. Because of the Iceland tourism boom, there is a ever growing list of places to stay, from camping sites to high end hotels. We recommend contacting the establishment directly before booking If there are any questions or special requests.

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There are a variety of hotels and hotel chains in Iceland, most notably Hotel Edda, Fosshotel and Icelandair Hotels


Hostel can be a more affordable option then a hotel. In Reykjavik, KEX Hostel and Loft Hostel Hostelling International offer accommodation around the country.


Camping is a great way to enjoy more of the nature of Iceland over the summer months. There are areas available for camping almost anywhere you go with excellent facilities. Camping in non-designated areas is unpopular and may be illegal as well. For more information check out campingcard.is, nat.is/camping/ and kukucampers.is

Other accommodations

There are other options for accommodation like Airbnb, rent summer houses/cottages owned by local families with bungalo.is or you can stay at a farm with farmholidays.is.