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The Ring Road

The Ring Road in Iceland is approximately a week long journey along the road Highway1 in Iceland. The landscape changes vastly along the way. There are many histories and folktales connected to the Icelandic nature, mountains and places. The Iceland Road Guide ( is good to have nearby as it contains great stories, names of places and landmarks. They offer, maps, apps and road guide books. Icelandic people say that the landscape has not as much meaning if it doesn´t have a name, so there are names and stories around all corners. It is fun to imagine there are trolls living in the mountains and to tell stories of viking and elfs.

There is also a fun game to play calle Bílabingó,, which can be purchased at gas stations and book stores around the country. It keep the family occupied in finding various things all the way, like swimming pools, speed limit signs, mountains and other things that should be on your way.

You´ll be in the car a lot- so it is good to consider loading the car with fun music from Iceland ( and audio books.

From Reykjavik the Ring Road can be tackled by either starting along the south coast or clockwise from west to north.

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Reykjanes is the home of the famous Blue Lagoon but there are also other wonders to discover there. You can take a planned trip or drive on your own, and experience Reykjanes Geopark (, the amazing craters, caves and lava fields. There is a great variety of bird life and astonishing cliffs. Black sand beaches and high geothermal activity .

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The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is a classic trip to take when visiting Iceland and one of the most popular tourist routes from Reykjavík. It is about 300 km from Reykjavik to Haukadalur the geothermally active valley and back. You will first arrive in Thingvellir, the national park where Althingi the parliament was established more than 1000 years ago, a must stop to enjoy the beautiful view, historical sites and nature. Next stop is the golden waterfall Gullfoss, literal translation. It is a beautiful and quite spectacular waterfall. The final stop is by the geysers, Geysir and Strokkur that are located in Haukadalur the geothermally active valley. A fun day trip that can also include a stop in Hveragerði a small town which has many greenhouses where you can buy freshly grown vegetables and flowers or try the local swimming pool. Kerið which is a volcanic crater.

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Downtown Reykjavik

Going for a stroll in downtown Reykjavík can be a fun day with activities for all ages. For a view over the city it is great to start in the church tower of Hallgrímskirkja, where you can take an elevator to reach a great viewpoint of the city. Just on the other side of the street is a beautiful sculpture park, inside there is a museum of the artist Einar Jónsson, but outside you can walk in from the behind you can access for free and admire the statues. Skólavörðustígur is a nice street where you can walk and browse the small shops along the street, Laugavegur is a shopping street with a variety of shops and cafes and restaurants.

The pond is located downtown and has ducks, swans and some other birds. You can walk around the pond and check out some other sights e.g. the parliament and the city hall.