How to travel

There are several enjoyable ways to travel around Iceland, each have their own pros and cons, especially when traveling with kids. Below we will discuss each one with regards to family travel and also post links for more information. For a list of airlines flying to Iceland go to

When arriving at Keflavík International Airport there is a 45 minute drive to the capital Reykjavik which is usually the starting point for any visit to Iceland. You can rent a car or use the low cost Airport Express, taking a taxi is also a option, although expensive.

Note that car safety seat is required for children under the age of 15 and it´s the parents responsibility to ask for one, taxi and bus companies have them usually on request.

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BSI is the main bus station in Iceland, it is located in downtown Reykjavík. Here you can catch buses to most parts of Iceland BSI

The public transportation system operates buses in Reykjavík and all around the country. You can buy your bus ticket with a free app, that you can download on their the website.

Offered scheduled tours to Landmannalaugar and Þórsmörk Trex


Driving is the best way to travel around Iceland, there are number of car rentals and most of them update their cars every 2-3 years. Stay away from rentals offering older vehicles and if possible do get an 4x4 with an unlimited number of kilometers included. Most car rentals offer children's seats, you can also rent here. Make sure to pick up a good guidebook or two.

Driving in Iceland can be somewhat tricky, for example, Icelanders use of turn signals is at its best unreliable and at worst dangerous and in the countryside, watch out for one lane bridges, sheep and other livestock on the roads.

Please be careful when driving in Iceland, there is never enough emphasis on this. The conditions of the roads can be different from what some travelers are used to and we recommend looking at these websites, if you plan to drive on your family vacation in Iceland:,,


The center for domestic flights for Iceland is at Reykjavik Airport. From there, flights can be made to numerous destinations in Iceland. A few destinations in Iceland can also be flown to and from Akureyri. Domestic fairs are not cheap but sometimes there are lower prices to be found online. Further information can be found on the websites of Air Iceland, Eagle Air and Norlandair.


Cycling can be a excellent way to explore local neighborhoods and surroundings, however, it is not recommended as a main mean of traveling with families. Companies offering bike tours are Reykjavík Bike Tours and Extreme Iceland

Always wear a helmet and reflective or fluorescent clothing when cycling in Iceland.


Like cycling, walking can be a good way to see small parts of the country. but not as a main method of travel.


There are a number of taxi companies in Iceland, the most of them are situated in the capital so grabbing a taxi in Reykjavík and vicinity is relatively easy. The easiest way to book a taxi is by phone but they are also located at the airports, bus terminals and outside some of the hotels.

There are also taxis available in the biggest towns around the country, but you should check in advance if you are planning to use a taxi in some of the smaller towns.

There are official meters in the Icelandic taxis, with fares charged at standard rates, most taxis carry up to 4 passengers, however there are bigger taxis available for up to 8 persons but they need to be ordered specially

Some taxi firms offer sightseeing and day tours to places of interest, with the taxi driver as your guide.

Uber cars have not been established in Iceland, so the app does not work in Iceland.

The main taxi operators are Hreyfill, Taxi BSR, list of other taxi companies can be found here