The beautiful Northern lights in Iceland

10. október 2016

One of the most popular tourist attraction in Iceland is enjoying watching the beautiful Northern lights. According to Google it´s in the top five of the most searches for Iceland. People are willing to travel quite a distance to experience them. They can be enjoyed all over the country when it´s get dark after the summer light nights have passed. It is quite spectacular to witness for children and adults alike, the night sky full of lights against the black night sky. The condition for the spectacle of Aurora Borealis requires dark and partly clear skies.

Northern lights in Iceland
Northern lights in Iceland

The Northern lights are a natural phenomenon and cannot be switched on and off upon request. According to the website, - The bright dancing lights of the aurora are actually collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth's atmosphere. The lights are seen above the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres. They are known as 'Aurora borealis' in the north and 'Aurora Australis' in the south.

You can never be quite certain when and where they will show up. However just like we can predict the weather with a weather forecast there is now a Northern lights forecast - this makes it easier to find out where and when there is likely to see these beautiful lights in Iceland.

Some facts about the Northern lights:

  • They are visible in Iceland nearly 8 months a year.
  • When you're flying in or out of Keflavik International Airport, be sure to look out the window if it's dark outside, because you can sometimes see the Northern lights right from the plane.
  • They can range in color from white, green, pink and purple.

So how is it best to enjoy the Northern lights in Iceland? You can book tours with travel agencies and tour companies. You can rent a car and go on your own or you can book a guided tour by bus or boat or even experience them while floating in a geothermal pool. The choice is yours.

Check out these tours that you can take to experience this wonderful phenomenon:

Aurora Borealis bubble tour
Aurora Floating tour

We also recommend some websites that offer information and tips regarding watching the Northern lights in Iceland.

If you want to have a memorable experience while visiting Iceland, you should go out and find the Northern lights. That will be an unforgettable night.

Just always remember to be careful and stay warm and safe!

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