Apps for travelling families

9. nóvember 2015

There are a lot of great apps for families on the move. They are handy to have on your smartphone or tablet. Some are practical, some provide a learning experience for the user and others are just plain fun, check out some of our favorites.


Halfway through a great travel article online, but out of time to finish it? See an interesting recipe you want to try out on a website. Save to your Pocket list and it will be available for offline reading later. Available on iOS and Android.

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Quiz up

Quiz up

One of the most popular apps originating from Iceland. Challenge family, friends and strangers to short, timed quizzes. The 500-some topics vary widely, from current and specific (Madonna, House of Cards) to broad (music, logos). Available on iOS and Android.

Sky guide

For all family members that are highly interested in astronomy. Navigating the app is easy and fluid. Just hold your device to the sky to automatically find constellations, planets, satellites and more. Available on iOS.


One of Iceland´s most well-known and creative artist Björk has created an amazing app. Biophilia is an extraordinary and innovative multimedia exploration of music, nature and technology by the musician Björk. It aims to inspire children to explore their own creativity, while learning about music, nature and science through new technologies. Kids can comprise a suite of original music that is interactive and make educational artworks. Available on iOS and Android.
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Get peace of mind while traveling, by having all your plans in one place. Now we can put all the parts of our travel itinerary together – from plane flights, hotels, to activities, including confirmation number and websites. It's easy to organize trips on your desktop computer, edit, add new info, share with others, and all the information automatically updates in the smartphone app. TripIt is an easier way to organize and share travel. Available on iOS and Android.

RoadTripBingo HD

RoadTripBingo take the classic game of Bingo and make it playable while driving in the car. The idea of the game is to spot different types of items that can be seen while driving. Available on iOS.

Bingo Road Trip

Like RoadTripBingo, Bingo Road Trip takes the classic game of Bingo and make it playable while driving in the car. Available on Android.
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