14. september 2015

Sheep and Horse Roundup - a real Icelandic tradition

Every fall the farmers of Iceland along with their family and friends participate in the age old tradition of “Réttir”, the roundup of sheep and horses. It involves gathering of sheep and horses that have roamed freely around the summer pastures in the highlands into large corrals where the sheep and horses are sorted. The farmers then bring them home to the farms.

Réttir is a place where the people from the area gather together and celebrate, sing traditional songs and eat good food. The first round-ups this year started early in September and continue across the country until early October.

Image for Réttir
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If you want to participate in Réttir you can book a tour with a travel agency and maybe join the farmers on horseback or walking or go on your own and watch as the sheep and horses are collected and spend a day in the countryside of Iceland.

Here are the dates and locations of Réttir 2015:

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